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Interactive Tour Immerses Visitors Into Daily Life in a Foreign Country

More than 700 million people in developing countries live on less than $1.90 per day, facing challenges most Americans never will. Compassion International’s The Compassion Experience is currently traveling the United States and Canada, and will bring visitors on a journey into the lives of Compassion-sponsored children living in countries like Uganda, the Philippines, Kenya and Guatemala.

A self-guided tour will immerse visitors in the lives of the children. Through the use of an iPod, a headset and 1,700 square feet of interactive space, visitors will see the children’s homes, walk through schools and markets, and hear life-changing stories of hope—all from the perspective of a child whose life began in poverty. This free event is appropriate for all ages and is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has never had the chance to travel outside the United States to get a small glimpse of what life can be like in developing countries.

“We built ‘The Compassion Experience’ in order to really bring the developing world to America,” said Mark Hanlon, Compassion International’s senior vice president of global marketing and engagement. “When people think of poverty, they often think of the lack of things, the lack of stuff, the lack of money. Those are all symptoms of poverty. The real issue of poverty is the lack of hope. Through our holistic child development program, Compassion stirs hope in children. And you’ll see that hope come to life at this event.”

Visitors are encouraged to make a reservation, however walk-ins are welcome. Groups of 20 or more should email to reserve their space. For more information about “The Compassion Experience”, visit or on Facebook.

All ages welcome

An interactive tour through the life of a child living in a developing country


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About Compassion International:

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship. Compassion revolutionized the fight against global poverty by working exclusively with the Church to develop children out of poverty to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. It is the only child sponsorship program to be validated through independent, empirical research. Compassion partners with more than 6,500 Christian churches in 26 countries to release over 1.6 million babies, children and students from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion has consistently been among the highest-rated charities in the US for financial stewardship and transparency by Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator. For more information on the organization, visit or follow them on Twitter at @compassion.





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